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Injury Prevention Tips for Dancers

Injury Prevention Tips for Dancers

• Proper training is essential to allow dancers to develop their skills without injury.

• Take adequate rest to allow the body to heal itself from daily wear and tear.

• Maintain energy levels by eating healthy

• Conditioning and strengthening of the leg muscles that support the foot arch are crucial.

• Try to avoid dancing on hard or uneven surfaces, which may cause injury.

• Take care of your shoes!

• Dancers should adopt new training schedules slowly.

• Stretching before and after the training (30sec)

• Off stage or out of class, wear supportive footwear, and if you need to wear orthotics, wear them as often as possible.

• If dancers perform excessive pointe or demi-pointe work one day, they should focus on other types of work during the next workout.

• Early recognition of symptoms is important. Stop activity if pain or swelling occurs. If the pain persists after a few days rest, consult a Physiotherapist.

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